Are droughts becoming more frequent or severe in China

Authored by Meixiu Yu, Published in 2011

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Title Are droughts becoming more frequent or severe in China
Author M Yu and MJ Hayes and RR Heim and Q Li
Journal AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts
Year 2011
Volume 2011
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Pages NH21A-1503
Abstract Drought in China is a recurring phenomenon that becomes one of the most damaging climate-related hazards to impact natural habitats, ecosystems, and many economic and social sectors. Thus, it is of critical significance to investigate the variation patterns of droughts over China with long-term data time series. In recent years, meteorologists have developed a number of indices and methods to characterize droughts for particular regions, and Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) was employed in this study. To consider the spatial variability of underlying conditions, the study area was divided into grids with a size of two square degrees, and then the inverse distance-squared weighted method was used to spatially interpolate precipitation for every grid. Monthly precipitation data of more than 700 stations was used to explore the drought in China during 1951-2010. We investigated the spatio-temporal variations …
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