• Voronoi diagram for polygons

    Voronoi diagram for polygons is a tool to create a Voronoi diagram also known as Thiessen polygons for polygons. It’s based on Shapely and GeoPandas. There are lots of tools to create a Voronoi diagram for points, for example Create Thiessen Polygons (Analysis) in ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Desktop, Voronoi Polygons in QGIS, or voronoi_diagram in Shapely. All of them are really cool. How about a Voronoi diagram for polygons? That’s what this tool does.

  • adaptive-curvefitting

    Adaptive curvefitting is a tool to find potentially optimal models for your research data. It’s based on scipy, numpy, and matplotlib.

  • cscbank

    Banks/ATMs near your place which works for CSC debit cards.

  • polygon(for test)