Voronoi diagram for polygons

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Voronoi diagram for polygons is a tool to create a Voronoi diagram also known as Thiessen polygons for polygons. It’s based on Shapely and GeoPandas. There are lots of tools to create a Voronoi diagram for points, for example Create Thiessen Polygons (Analysis) in ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Desktop, Voronoi Polygons in QGIS, or voronoi_diagram in Shapely. All of them are really cool. How about a Voronoi diagram for polygons? That’s what this tool does.

Important! You have to install or upgrade to the latest developing version of Shapely before install Voronoi diagram for polygons

Table of contents

Installation, update and uninstallation


Important! It’s based on voronoi_diagram from Shapely which is new in version 1.8.dev0. As of today, it is still a developing version. (2020-07-26) You have to install or upgrade to the latest developing version from source firstly:

pip install git+https://github.com/Toblerity/Shapely
pip install --upgrade git+https://github.com/Toblerity/Shapely

To install

Quick installation with pip:

pip install voronoi-diagram-for-polygons

Or from github:

pip install git+https://github.com/longavailable/voronoi-diagram-for-polygons

Also, you can just copy related functions from longsgis/longsgis.py to your work.

To update

pip install --upgrade voronoi-diagram-for-polygons

To uninstall

pip uninstall voronoi-diagram-for-polygons


See tests/01voronoiDiagram4plg.py.

import geopandas as gpd
from longsgis import voronoiDiagram4plg

builtup = gpd.read_file('input.geojson'); builtup.crs = 32650
boundary = gpd.read_file('boundary.geojson'); boundary.crs = 32650
vd = voronoiDiagram4plg(builtup, boundary)
vd.to_file('output.geojson', driver='GeoJSON')

Known shortages

def bufferDissolve(gdf, distance, join_style=3):	
	'''Create buffer and dissolve thoese intersects.
			Type: geopandas.GeoDataFrame
		distance: radius of the buffer
			Type: float
		gdf_bf: buffered and dissolved GeoDataFrame
			Type: geopandas.GeoDataFrame
	#create buffer and dissolve by invoking `unary_union`
	smp = gdf.buffer(distance, join_style).unary_union
	#convert to GeoSeries and explode to single polygons
	gs = gpd.GeoSeries([smp]).explode()
	#convert to GeoDataFrame
	gdf_bf = gpd.GeoDataFrame(geometry=gs, crs=gdf.crs).reset_index(drop=True)
	return gdf_bf

How to cite

If this tool is useful to your research, star and cite it as below:

Xiaolong Liu, & Meixiu Yu. (2020, July 26). longavailable/voronoi-diagram-for-polygons. Zenodo. 

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